Spring Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

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As the flowers start to bloom and the weather begins to warm up, it’s important to give your plumbing system the attention it deserves. You need a plumbing inspection. Spring cleaning shouldn’t just be about dusting and decluttering – it should also include a thorough checkup of your pipes, drains, and fixtures. With a few simple maintenance tips, you can protect your home against plumbing issues that can cause costly damage.

From inspecting your pipes for leaks to flushing your water heater, taking care of your plumbing system is a crucial part of being a responsible homeowner. So as you start to make your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget about your plumbing – your home will thank you for it.

Minor Plumbing Problems Become Huge Headaches

Spring is the season of renewal and a time to prepare for the warmer months ahead. While you’re busy cleaning out closets and dusting off patio furniture, giving your plumbing a little TLC is essential as well. One of the main reasons you should check your plumbing each spring is to catch small problems before they turn into costly headaches.

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Leaks, clogs, and other issues can bring your daily routine to a standstill and cause significant damage to your home. By taking a proactive approach and utilizing a plumbing inspection, you can save yourself time, money, and stress down the road. Don’t wait until it’s too late – schedule a plumbing checkup this spring and enjoy peace of mind all summer long.

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Check Pipes For Leaks Or Clogs

With winter comes a host of potential problems for your home – from icy walkways to skyrocketing heating bills. However, one issue that often goes overlooked is the impact that freezing temperatures can have on your plumbing system. As temperatures drop, pipes located outdoors or near external walls are particularly susceptible to leaks or clogs.

To avoid any potential damage to your home, it’s important to check around your property in the spring for any signs of damage or malfunction. If you notice anything concerning, it’s always best to bring in an experienced plumber who can identify the root cause of the problem and prevent any further damage from occurring. By staying vigilant and proactive in winter, you can protect your plumbing system and enjoy a warm, cozy home all season long.


Check The Hoses

Maintaining the functionality of your appliances is crucial to the smooth running of your household, and taking a closer look at your appliance hoses is an essential part of that. As you have already taken the time to examine your pipes and fixtures for damage, it’s worth inspecting the hoses that connect your dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, and any other appliances too.

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Make sure to keep an eye out for any bulging or discoloration, as well as leaking and cracks. Detecting any issues early on can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. So, don’t hesitate to call in a professional or replace any damaged hoses yourself. It’s a small task that can make a huge difference in the performance of your appliances.

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Check The Water Heater

Spring is finally here, and along with it comes the perfect opportunity to give your trusty water heater the attention it deserves. After all the hard work it put in heating up your water during the cold winter, now is the time to show it some love. A plumbing inspection by an expert will ensure your tank gets flushed out and any potential issues are addressed, setting you up for a stress-free spring and summer.

Plus, by turning down the temperature, you’ll not only extend the lifespan of your system but also save some green in the process. So please don’t wait until the water runs cold; spring into action and give your water heater the TLC it needs.

Test The Sump Pump

Spring is the time of year when beautiful flowers are in full bloom, and the sun begins to shine brighter. However, with the change in weather comes the potential for heavy rainfall, which can put your basement at risk of flooding. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your sump pump is functioning properly and able to handle any excess water that may come its way.

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Testing your sump pump is easy – just pour a bucket of water into the basin and watch to see if it’s able to clear it. If you notice any signs of moisture issues or your pump doesn’t work correctly, it’s important to contact a professional for help. Don’t let spring rain leave you with a flooded basement – take the necessary steps to protect your home today.

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Check For Leaky Toilets

A running toilet can not only be an annoyance, but it can also cost you a significant amount of money in water bills. That’s why checking for leaks in the toilet bowl and tank is essential. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, it’s a pretty simple process.

First, visually inspect the toilet for any cracks or damage. Then, add a few drops of food dye into the tank and wait to see if it makes its way into the bowl. If you notice any color in the bowl after an hour, it’s important to get it checked out by a professional. Don’t let a running toilet wreak havoc on your wallet; take action and check for leaks today.

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