Bidet Installation in Woodbridge, VA

Bidet Installation

Kinnett plumbing has Toto bidets for sale with bidet spray installation included. The Toto Bidet Elongated toilet seat is electronic seat that cleanses you with warm water, providing you with a clean and exceptional feeling of good hygiene. This will take you away from using the amount of Toilet paper that you were accustomed to and be environmentally conscious and responsible to our world. Making a roll of toilet paper uses 1.5 pounds of wood, 37 gallons of water and 1.3 KWh of of electricity. Don’t get caught up looking for toilet paper when you can have the comfort of cleaning at your home in your toilet. Join the rest of the world in hygiene and comfort and become a beacon to the future and the environment.

The Toto bidet spray includes a heated seat, oscillating water, and dryer all combined to make your experience and cleanse second to none. These bidets will save you money in Toilet paper paying for themselves in the amount of toilet paper you are not buying. They also come equipped with the following features:

  • Self cleaning wand will automatically clean after each use
  • Water pressure can be adjusted to come out of the wand for cleaning
  • Air deodorizer and dryer will effectively neutralize odor
  • Adjustable temp dryer as well

Kinnett plumbing is always searching for the latest in high quality products and plumbing technology to share with our customers. We understand the impact cost-effective and environmentally conscious products have to our clients and families and recommend them when possible. We have installed these toilets in the boss' house and have been using them at our office as well, we can assure you that the quality of these units will last for years to come.

I called Kinnett Plumbing on a recommendation from a co-worker. We had a leak coming from our toilet, but couldn't really tell where it originated. Kinnett dispatched Jack Gee within 2 hours of my call. He was knowledgeable, professionally, and thoroughly explained the issue and his recommendations. His estimate was concise and easy to understand. We accepted the work order and the following day Jack came back replaced our toilet and the fixtures in our shower. He and another plumber Christian were completely dedicated and complete. He showed me all the repairs and came in 10% under the quote. I WILL be using Kinnett again. Thanks Jack and Christian!

We are excited to get you moving towards owning the environmentally friendly and hygienic Toto Bidet seat in your home today! If you have any questions regarding the Toto bidet for sale with bidet installation, please call us at (703) 878-3154.

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